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ADHD Stuff

A resource library to help understand and manage ADHD for both adults with ADHD and parents of ADHD children. 



My Spotify Playlists

Music can be a great way to manage your ADHD symptoms. For me, it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I need a burst of dopamine to get me doing and other days I just need something to calm me down. Here are a few of my own curated playlist, as well as some playlist I found on Spotify that I thought I would share with you all. 

Got a playlist that works for you and you love to share it here, email me at

AHD Books


Here is a list of ADHD books you might find helpful. I usually do listen to audiobooks versus paperback books, but there are a few that are well done for people with ADHD and easy to read; take a look, and please send me your recommendations to


Playdhd: Permission to Play

by Kirsten Milliken PH.D., PCC

PlayDHD: Permission to Play...A Prescription for Adults with ADHD" champions play as a crucial tool for adults with ADHD, highlighting its power in managing symptoms and fostering creativity and productivity. Drawing on examples of famous individuals with ADHD like Einstein and Michael Phelps, the book argues for a playful mindset. It counters the traditional advice to be serious, offering scientific backing for play as a beneficial approach. Designed to engage even those with the most unfocused minds, the book features short, engaging passages, humorous stories, playful activities, and vibrant graphics, making it a captivating read.


12 Principles for Raising a Child with ADHD

by Russell A. Barkley

Russell A. Barkley, an authority on ADHD in children and teens, offers a concise guide featuring 12 key parenting principles to address behavioral, emotional, and school challenges. Emphasizing acceptance, compassion, and understanding of ADHD's impact on executive function, the book provides practical advice, tips, and quick-reference lists, supporting a stronger family connection and success for children with ADHD.


Check out these recommended books for kids with ADHD or neurodivergent children. They're also great for any child. My kids adore them! Have any suggestions? DM us on IG @shinglesat40

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ADHD Is My Super Power and It Comes with Great Super Strength

by Alan Moore

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 8.37.53 AM.png

A Little SPOT of Anger: A Story About Managing BIG Emotions

by Diane Alber

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 8.44.54 AM.png

A Little SPOT of Confidence: A Story About Believing In Yourself

This story highlights ADHD's positive aspects, inspired by my son Josiah's diagnosis at age 3, to empower children with ADHD to realize their unique strengths.

Teach kids to manage anger with visualization and calming techniques, like counting and breathing, to shrink their 'angry spots' into more manageable emotions.

"A little SPOT of Confidence" uses an orange spot metaphor to help children visualize and grow their confidence, offering strategies for positivity and resilience.

by Diane Alber


The Cat on the Mat: All About Mindfulness

by Bonie Worth

Illustrated by Artistides Ruiz

and Joe Mathieu

Beginning readers will learn to cultivate calmness and focus with the Cat in the Hat in this simple rhymed introduction to mindfulness meditation!

The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library is a nonfiction, unjacketed hardcover series that introduces beginning readers ages 5-8 to important basic concepts. Featuring beloved characters from Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat, the Learning Library titles explore a range of topics about the world we live in and include an index, glossary, and suggestions for further reading.


Inspire to Create A Better You! Book Series

I have been sharing a few of these books, but to be honest, they're all amazing, so here is a link to Diane's website where you can find all of her books and resources. These books inspire art and creativity in children and also help identify and manage emotions. Great books for any young child and an amazing resource for parents. 

by Diane Alber

Suspect you may have ADHD or someone you know?
"The Good News" Diagnosis

Suspect you or somene yu know has ADHD?

ADHD Is Not a Deficit Disorder

ADHD is an inaccurate — and potentially corrosive — name. The term “deficit disorder” places ADHD in the realm of pathology, or disease. Individuals with ADHD do not have a disease, nor do they have a deficit of attention; in fact, what they have is an abundance of attention. The challenge is controlling it. Knowing what is going on and being able to manage  ADHD can be an asset. 

Looking for a fun way to check if you have ADHD? Try the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale Screener by WHO and the Workgroup on Adult ADHD. It's quick, easy, and helps you assess common ADHD symptoms. Remember, it's just a self-assessment, not a diagnosis, so enjoy it and maybe learn a bit about yourself!

Disclaimer: I can provide you with general information, but you should consult your doctor or a medical professional, as online tests are not a substitute for a diagnosis. However, I can guide you in searching for the best ADHD test website that allows you to take the test for free.


Beyond Genes: Leveraging Sleep, Exercise, and Nutrition to Improve ADHD

ADHD is genetic, but it is also environmental — to a degree. You can’t change your DNA. But you CAN change your eating, fitness, and sleep habits — all of which may have real, positive effects on ADHD symptoms. Here’s how.

Article by: ADDitude Magazine

All in the Family? The Genetics of AD/HD

Can scientists crack the genetic code of ADHD? Can doctors wipe it out of a family tree? An explanation of ADD genetic research… learn more

Article by: ADDitude Magazine

Why Punishment is not the best approach

How often have you found yourself in this situation? 

Your child does something wrong or doesn't do what you asked them to, so you take something away.

And the arguing begins... Read more

Article by: ADHD on Schedule

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