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Welcome to, a podcast dedicated to exploring and understanding the world of adult ADHD. Hosted by Donavan Robinson, a father, husband, entrepreneur, Indigenous Red River Métis Citizen, and ADHD advocate, this podcast provides a unique, yet all too familiar, perspective on what it's like to live with ADHD as an adult.

Donavan is a marketing and business management consultant and is the Founder and owner of Vantage Studios, The Good Will Social Club, a live music venue, and a partner at Made Here, a local retail store in Manitoba. He has owned and operated many other ventures, such as A Little Pizza Heaven and GreenRoom Cabaret, and has been a part of several boards and charities. His current passion is to learn and share as much information about ADHD, and he hopes to create a world that fits people with this superpower, not have neurodivergent people try to the world we have today. 

Donavan's ADHD journey began when he was diagnosed at 45. Like many adults with ADHD, he grew up not knowing why he did what he did and struggled to find his place in the world. His mission is to create a world that fits neurodivergent people, not one we must fit into. He wants to share his experiences and knowledge with others to raise awareness and create a more inclusive world for those with ADHD.

Through his podcast, Donavan covers a range of topics related to ADHD. From discussing the challenges of growing up undiagnosed to exploring the latest research on medications and natural solutions for ADHD, he aims to provide a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in learning more about this complex condition. He also shares tips and tricks for managing ADHD symptoms and interviews co-hosts on various topics related to ADHD. is a mix of emotions, often incorporating humour, education, and inspiration. Donavan's approachable and honest style makes the podcast feel like a conversation between friends, providing a safe space for anyone looking to learn more about ADHD.

Whether you have ADHD or are interested in learning more about this condition, is the perfect resource. Join Donavan as he shares his journey and explores the world of adult ADHD.

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