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A Podcast about ADHD

Join Maeg and Donavan for laughs and insights on adult ADHD! With our guests, we talk about personal stories, explore research, and navigate diagnosis challenges and symptoms.

Buckle up for fun! Where are those keys again?


EPISODE 6 w/ Pat Lazo

Join us as we embark on an exciting journey with Pat Lazo, a multifaceted renaissance man. From his roots as a graffiti artist to his role as a devoted father, we dive into the driving forces that motivate him daily. Discover how Pat harnesses his ADHD as a unique advantage in his diverse pursuits, blending passion and purpose seamlessly.


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SA40 Spotify Playlists

Music can be a great way to manage your ADHD symptoms. For me, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I need a burst of dopamine to get me going, and other days I need something to calm me down. Here are a few of my curated playlists and some I found on Spotify that I thought I would share with you all. 

Got a playlist that works for you and you love to share it here, email me at



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posts - weekly, maybe. But most likely when we get a burst of dopamine in our brains!

We are always learning more and more each day about ADHD, and we are excited to share what I we learn, share resources to help manage your ADHD, tips and tricks, and let you know when we have a new podcast up! So join the newsletter, and let's learn together!

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